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Presented by Learning Through the Arts

The Road to Freedom: Ending Slavery in Britain

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9 October – 11 November


This exhibition will commemorate the 1833 Abolition Act and mark the 190th anniversary of the end of slavery, this year, 2023, providing insight into the nature of triangular slave trade, the abolition movement, and its relevance to today’s world. It will also highlight notable luminaries such as Ignatius Sancho, Granville Sharpe, and William Wilberforce from the initial 1807 Act to the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833, which ended slavery in Britain.

The exhibition will also feature a FREE  poetry workshop as part of Learning Through the Arts Heritage project on Saturday 14th October 12pm-2pm you can book your ticket here

A reflective, interpretive, free verse expressive writing poetry session for adults, inspired by poems about slavery and the slave trade.