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Presented by the Albany

Body Rebuilt workshop with Jieh-ming Huang (Jasmine Huang)

Saturday 12 & Saturday 19 August

A Chinese calligraphy workshop exploring the connection between the human body and personal emotions.

Nowadays, modern hospitals follow Western medical science. Contemporary medicine often treats the human body as a machine, with doctors acting as repair workers. While effective in many ways, this mechanistic approach can lead to a disconnection between individuals and their bodies, leaving them feeling fragmented and overwhelmed.

In Asian culture, we always look body as a whole, not as separated organs. Therefore, the practice investigates how we might rebuild the whole-body concept and reconnect the separated body?

This workshop is to explore this topic on a broader scale. Cultural backgrounds and lived experiences significantly shape individuals’ perspectives and sensations of their bodies. How people express their feelings by using unfamiliar tools and how they interact with their own bodies.