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On Saturday, 2nd December, the highly anticipated Frost Fest took place in Deptford Lounge, welcoming people of all ages to spend a family day together. The event was organised in the memory of the historic frost fayres that took place on the River Thames between the 16th and 19th centuries. All kinds of fun would happen at these festivals and as the years went by, the fun and the attractions got bigger. One day, in 1814 a live elephant was brought to the frozen river. People did not know where it came from but they laughed, danced and celebrated together. No one knew it at the time but that was the last time River Thames froze, making the special day with the elephant one to remember.

Frost Fest was organised by The Albany Young Creatives, a group of interdisciplinary artists and performers from the age of 16-25 who create original work and platform for young artists. When organising the event, they wanted to bring back and re-imagine the historic times of people coming together and celebrating. During the event, they held workshops for children where they made collages and snow globes as well as showcased local talent with frosty performances for everyone looking for a break from the crafts or just hoping to sit down and enjoy the show with a cup of mulled wine.

In the days leading up to the event, visitors of the Lounge were able to see the Young Creatives working hard on building the elephant, the star of Frost Fest. This elephant can still be found in the Lounge on the ground floor for everyone to see or take pictures with.