Tea Party Triumph! Blog by Bernadette Russell

Sorry for the delay between blogs- most of my time has been taken up with editing the children’s’ blogs and making or finding sound effects (great fun), and getting everything ready for the Tea Party event last Saturday. Before I go on- want to say a massive thanks to Kathy and Gill at NXL, all their amazing volunteers, Raidene Carter who ended up being quiz mistress! Joe Gibson, Cathy Myers, (techies and photographers… Read more »

Trikhon Theatre: Treasure Hunt

Trikhon Theatre are tucked away behind the streets and market stalls of Deptford, busy planning for a treasure hunt on Saturday  11 June! Were conducting our sound bites this week. It’s been a squeeze since one of our director’s have been away in Asia the whole of April, but we truly are excited, praying for sunshine to bless us on the day. We’ve been so keen to connect with, and get to know our local… Read more »

UNINVITED GUESTS: Lost and found

I came up to Deptford Lounge earlier this week to see Bernadette Russell’s installation titled The Lost Property Office. It was originally developed as part of Deptford X visual arts festival in 2009, and has been shown many times since, but was now being shown as part of our Hothouse programme. It is a room full of lost objects and sounds, each item with a luggage label attached bearing its story. There was everything… Read more »

Bernadette Russell: All We Love, All We Have Lost

I’ve now done two of the three creative writing workshops for the libraries, and the ideas for a guidebook for Deptford are building up, as are the ideas for what shape it will take: a map which can be displayed on the wall? a fold up map like you get from a tourist information place? an actual guide-book? We’re still deciding, and it will depend on the gathered material and what suits it best. It is… Read more »

Bernadette Russell: Paradise Lost Blog

This week I have been preparing for the coming workshops at Pepys Library, New Cross Library and Deptford Lounge. I’m really looking forward to drinking tea and eating cake and meeting people, and if you are able to come, there’s lots of stuff to look at, photos and memorabilia from Deptford (a sort-of, very mini museum), plus music to listen to from 80’s record label Deptford Fun City (Squeeze etc) and the more recent Deptford… Read more »

Trikhon Theatre: Bringing Vietnam to Deptford

Reaching out to the Vietnamese community in Deptford, Trikhon Theatre brings its fully-realised version of A Dream from a Bombshell to Deptford Lounge from Thursday 9 to Friday 17 October. Ahead of its run, Creative Producer Mingyu Lin and Assistant Director Yuki Koe let us know about how they prepared for this immersive theatre show and what it’s all about. Working on A Dream from a Bombshell with Trikhon Theatre has been an immensely educational… Read more »

Uninvited Guests: March Hothouse Blog

Hello! So the daffodils are out and it feels like spring is (finally) in the air! It also feels like the Hothouse project is officially up and running. Hurrah! The brilliant Bernadette Russell told some time travelling sci-fi kids stories at a book swap event in mid-February, and friend and artist Tom Marshman hosted an LGBT tea party last week. The latter was a smallish gathering but two hours of chat, tea drinking… Read more »

Bernadette Russell: How I Got Here (SE8)

I’ve been wandering around all week, chatting to people in Deptford who I hope to interview, and I thought I might write a bit about how I got here before I started that. So… In 1996 I answered an advert in the stage. A theatre company called Hush Hush Ensemble were doing an outdoor production of The Tempest, and I applied, auditioned, got the part of Miranda. I’d never been to Deptford before. I’d never… Read more »

Uninvited Guests: First Hothouse Blog

Hello and welcome to our first blog post! We are super excited to be the lead artists on a year long project called Hothouse at Deptford Lounge, working with Bernadette Russell and Trikon Theatre. Firstly thought it would be useful to say a bit about who Uninvited Guests are! The company is Jessica Hoffmann, Paul Clarke and Richard Dufty and we are a theatre company based in Bristol, although we spend a lot of time… Read more »