Redstart Arts

Redstart Arts aims to develop and deliver visual arts for adults with learning disabilities. They act as a platform for artists with learning disabilities, enabling them to work collaboratively with creative professionals to create high quality art, installations or products that have a valued place within the visual and applied arts world.


Formed in 2011 by professional artist Cash Aspeek. Cash has been working with marginalised groups for over 20 years, focusing particularly on adults and teenagers with learning disabilities. She holds a MA in Inclusive Arts Practice and currently works as an Art Educator for the Royal Academy of Art. Cash lives and works in London.

Running weekly session here at the Lounge in conjunction with monthly sessions at the Horniman Museum,  Cash says

‘The structure of the sessions I run is similar each time. The members greet each other at the beginning by standing in a circle and creating a sign for their name, not Makaton but a sign or action of each individual’s choice. The group then copies the sign. This way of starting energises the group and creates a light environment in which the Redstarts are at ease.’ 

The session then involves brief discussion about the journey they are on, looking at previous work and thinking about the next steps. I use a visual time plan to mark out steps and note opinions.

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