Uninvited Guests: First Hothouse Blog

Hello and welcome to our first blog post!

We are super excited to be the lead artists on a year long project called Hothouse at Deptford Lounge, working with Bernadette Russell and Trikon Theatre.

Firstly thought it would be useful to say a bit about who Uninvited Guests are! The company is Jessica Hoffmann, Paul Clarke and Richard Dufty and we are a theatre company based in Bristol, although we spend a lot of time working in London! We are interested in making work that is co-produced or co-authored with our audiences. By that we mean the audience is involved in the making or final outcome of a piece of work.

Over the next year we will be running lots of workshops and events in and around The Lounge, which will culminate in a performance called Give Me Back My Broken Night. This will be a theatrical guided tour, not of the historic past but of the future of Deptford. What will Deptford look like in 2050 or 2116?

If you live or work in Deptford we would like you to get involved! We want to hear your hopes for the future of Deptford which may contribute to the project. We also want to hear about what you think Deptford has lost and you would like to see again.

To kick off the whole project we have organised an informal LGBT tea party which will be hosted by performance artist Tom Marshman, as part of LGBT History month. This is at Deptford Lounge on Monday 22 February at 3pm, so if you are interested please book a ticket. The event will be part performance, part workshop, part talking shop and part gossip-over-the-fence, exploring personal memories of the past but also re-imagining the future of gender. There will be free tea and cake!

Think that’s all for now…

Jess (for Uninvited Guests)