Redstart Arts at Deptford Lounge

Please help Redstart Arts raise much needed funds.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have supported Redstart Arts here at Deptford Lounge and an even greater pleasure to get to know Cash the tutor, and David and Ude, her pupils.

Since 2011 Cash has strived to develop and deliver visual arts for adults with learning disabilities. ‘We act as a platform for artists with learning disabilities, enabling them to work collaboratively with creative professionals to create high quality art, installations or products that have a valued place within the visual and applied arts world.

Of course this all comes at a price and whilst Deptford Lounge can offer  her space to deliver the lessons there is a lot more that is required, paints, paper to name but just two.

Cash is constantly looking for new ways to raise these funds so why not lend a helping hand by giving just a few pence (of course a few pounds would never be turned down) by donating here

Redstart Arts are currently exhibiting at Deptford Lounge until the end of the March so you have a great opportunity to view their work. Cash will also be delivering a workshop as part of Disabled Access Day on Saturday 12 March.