White Masks

White Masks is an interdisciplinary project on loss, transition, and ‘the other’. Open to audio contributions from the audiences, White Masks revolves around a cycle for cello, live electronics and resonating masks in a site-specific installation.

In particular, the project refers to the loss people have to face alone in an increasingly individualistic society and the loss of communities and music traditions refugees go through when they are forced to leave their countries. The idea of the artists is to build a community in the form of objects resonating with ‘memories’ from the performance of the cycle, entangled with pre-recorded texts from Frantz Fanon, Samuel Beckett, Hans-Peter Dürr and Hilde Domin, and the audio contributions collected from the audiences with which the project will get in contact.

Free event, all welcome


Thu, 15 June 2017 12-8pm

On Thursday there will be audio contributions collected from members of the public from 12-8pm that will then lead to the performances on Friday.


Audio recordings: Silvia Rosani

Visual artist: Inês Rebelo


Fri, 16 June 2017 3:30-4:00pm & 7-8pm

On Friday White Masks will combine the audio collected from the public on Thursday to perform a piece revolving around a cycle for cello, live electronics and pre recorded texts.

Performances and installation

Talmon, Ori Portrait and a dream

Rosani, Silvia White Mask

Saunders, Rebecca Solitude

Intermezzi by Silvia Rosani


Cello: Esther Saladin

Live electronics: Silvia Rosani

Visual artist: Inês Rebelo




Hothouse at Deptford Lounge

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