Overwhelmed/ Underwhelmed Art Exhibition

Mental Health affects us all.  One in four people will experience a mental health condition.  Whatever colour, race, or social background it affects us all.  Overwhelmed/ Underwhelmed seeks to explore a variety of different emotional states that a person living with a mental health condition may experience.

Clayton-Wolfindale hopes that by displaying this work, it will help silent sufferers feel less alone in their experiences and also hopes to sign post people to relevant sources of help.

Learn more about Emma and her body of work by joining us for a selection of events on:

Tuesday 10th October at 7pm where Emma will be hosting a discussion for World Mental Health day

Thursday 19th October 7pm to learn more about the artist Emma Clayton-Wolfindale and gain a greater insight into her works

Saturday 21st October 11am-4pm an Art mental health workshop with Emma

For more on Emma visit Emma-cw.com

Follow her on Facebook @ Emma Clayton-Wolfindale

Hothouse at Deptford Lounge

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