MAP 2: Communities

MAP2: Communities returns to the immigrant-rich area of Deptford with an artist residency programme that is based around the idea of the artist as living archivist of personal and collective memories. The residency provides an artist the opportunity to connect with the cultural communities in Deptford.

Artist Sung Tieu will develop over the one-month residency a writing project where she will spend time in the local shops, restaurants, parks and community centers in Deptford to engage with the local Vietnamese community by means of conversation. A vocal archive of memories will be created and developed through Tieu’s writing to create new works of prose. Tieu takes on the role of storyteller, alongside a self-reflexive consideration of her own positioning and the writing process itself. Engaging with her own migrant background the resulting texts will bring together the collective experiences of her and the people she will meet across first, second and younger generations that would feed in towards her artistic process for creating performance.

Look out for these activities that will be free and open to the public

6 October 2017, 12.00-4.00pm

Writing workshop, Deptford Lounge

Places are limited so book your space please email here


Fear the straight line
Led by Vietnamese/German artist Sung Tieu, the Fear the straight line writing workshop addresses the non-native English speaker’s relationship to words and writing, and how language can reflect the multiple spaces and histories we inhabit.

Taking inspiration from J.T. Demos’ term “the migrant image,” Sung Tieu’s creative workshop focuses on the idea of migration of words and how non-native English speakers can investigate the opportunities afforded by the digital age to spark euphoria in diasporic writing, publishing and reading. Fear the straight line aims to look at how misspellings and disconnections encourage new thinking processes within our socially constructed ways of formulating ideas and texts.

A key question for the workshop participants to consider will be: ‘How can we think of new forms of anti-hegemonic writing that does not fit with the market criteria of quality and value?’


12 October 2017, 7.00-9.00pm

Screening programme, Deptford Lounge

Co-curated by Sung Tieu, Do Tuong Linh, Tram Phuong Nguyen, and Something Human

Places are limited so book your space please email here


Programme: The Story of Kindness by Trần Văn Thủy & The Story of Ones by Pham Ngoc Lan. More information here:


20-21 October 2017

Reading events at other public local spaces

More information coming soon


28 October 2017, 4.00-5.00pm

Public reading event, Deptford Lounge


4 November 2017
Performative lecture, Live Art Development Agency
Sung will participate in MAP3: Archiving ‘Asia’ as part of the panel “Activating Archives”.
Free, booking required


18 November 2017

Curatorial roundtable, SOAS Khalili Lecture Theatre

Post-Vietnam: Migration, Community, and Artistic Representation

Also presented as part of SEA Currents

More information here:


Sung Tieu (1987, Hai Duong, Vietnam) lives and works in London, UK. Sung Tieu’s artistic practice encompasses a range of media, predominantly sculpture, photography and film, with her writing in prose and poems often providing source material. For Tieu, the experience of artistic production as a site of research and yet introverted form of individualised labour and expression becomes both her subject and process, elevating her inquiry to the broader and more relevant issues of cultural codes, their inherent power structures and susceptibility to misinterpretation in today’s vast global systems. Her practice exists through a series of geographic displacements: between her birthplace, Vietnam, her perceived home city, Berlin and the internationalised culture she later grew up in.

MAP 2: Communities is the second stage of MAP (Movement x Archive x Performance), a 2017 programme curated by Something Human that explores the negotiations of themes related to the intersections of movement, archive and performance over a three-stage project, bringing together central concerns that have threaded through Something Human’s work since its inception to investigate artistic expression on movement across borders. This process culminates with the launch of a new special collection of Southeast Asian-related performance materials, to be housed at the LADA Study Room as an open access resource for researchers, artists, students and academics.

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Feature Image: TROI OI (Sung Tieu & Nhu Duong), 2014; photo by Ilya Lipkin

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