Invisible but Omnipresent

Deptford possesses an extensive and controversial past, which shaped the history of London. From the reign of Henry VIII to the industrial revolution, the Deptford area has been a terrain for key events on London’s historical timeline.

In present times, few direct references are left in place, reminiscing the historical wealth of the area, which are either reclaimed by nature or left decaying waiting for regeneration.

Looking into this expansive history and collecting the traces of it from the remaining archelogies, memories and stories carried to the present, artist Froso Papadimitriou, will be creating a trail through the histories of Deptford.

The project aims to further the knowledge of the historical value of the area and offer a platform for discussion over history preservation, regeneration and area development attuned with the local community.



Taking as a rudiment the cultural history of Deptford and the issues around the preservation of it due to the redevelopment in the area, the panel discussion will focus in the relations between local community and heritage, their importance and the role of the art in these relations.

Furthermore, the discussion will expand to how art, artists and art institutions shape the area’s regeneration and will look at current debates that connect the arts to gentrification, such as the resent Boyle Heights protests in Los Angeles, Sharon Zukin’s and Neil Smith’s position in their writings amongst others.

Panelist include:

Liz May – APT Gallery manager

Sue Lawes – Local artist and activist

James Price – Filmmaker – ‘Reading Pepys’ documentary

Dr Alex Rhys-Taylor – Dep. Director of Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths

Anita Strasser – Local photographer and PHD student on regeneration / gentrification in Deptford


Date: 16th March 2017

Times: 7.30pm – 9pm (including Q&A time)



Date: 12th March 2017

Times: 12pm – 1:45 pm



As part for the Invisible but Omnipresent Exhibition we are please to host the Royal Stamp Workshop

‘Make your own Royal Stamp! We will be making DIY family crests and colorful stamps. The workshop is free and is suitable for all family members over +5 years old.  Bring along images of your favorite animals/plants/items and we will use them to draw and compose your family seal design.’

Date: 12th March 2017

Times: 12pm -2pm

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