Deptford X – Exhibitions

11th September 2017 – 6th October 2017

Quasi – Urban; Industrial; Technological; Environment! – QUITE! by Chris Francis

This not an exhibition of quaint or romantic views of the built environment but rather it reflects and celebrates the grittiness of the built environment especially one with a manufacturing past.

Inspired by the artist’s upbringing in the suburbs of a major industrial city, the show represents the colours and tactile textures of many forms of structure to be found in urban development.

Hopefully the assemblages (three-dimensional collages) invoke a nostalgia and familiarity for townscapes of the past even though some are based on present-day sites.

The assemblages use recycled found objects and represent  re-emerging workshops or acknowledge the potential of inner cities.



19th September 2017 – 6th October 2017

Dumbphne by Lilian Nejatpour and Simon Weckert

The Dumbphne is a collaborative film produced by British-Iranian artist Lilian Nejatpour and German artist Simon Weckert for the TADAEX & NODE exchange programme (Tehran’s Annual Digital Art Festival, Iran and NODE Festival based in Frankfurt).

The ‘Dumbphne’ is a performance and video piece that is playfully mimicking and exaggerating ways to use tools of a smartphone. It becomes a mobile-manifesto that investigates and critiques the gestures behind this hand-held device and its usage.

Apps are physicalised and performed in various settings around the city of Tehran, examining how the user practises these modes of virtual embodiment on a daily basis. These actions are performed and documented to the extreme in dialogue with the public of Tehran.



26th September 2017 at 2.30pm

Problem Solver by Jack Brown, Annamaria Kardos and the pupils from Tidemill Academy

Jack will be working with artist ‘Annamaria Kardos’ to ask the question ‘what have I learned that I’ve not been taught’. The pupils are now the problem solvers by brain storming ideas, coming up with new solutions, working in team and collaborating with the artist.

After two classroom based workshops, pupils and Annamaria will draw and write directly onto school tables about their ideas and answers. This will take place in the Foyer area of Deptford Lounge.

Hothouse at Deptford Lounge

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