Afro Fusion Dance Classes with Adriano Oliveira

September 26, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Deptford Lounge
Giffin St
London SE8 4RJ
£10 pay as you go
Adriano Oliveira
Afro Fusion Dance Classes with Adriano Oliveira @ Deptford Lounge | England | United Kingdom

The mystery of an enduring culture, pulsating beneath the surface, the African soul which every slave kept with them and which lives on through dance. The Brazilian descendants of Africa have forgotten their original language but their bodies still pass down through the generations the universal language of rhythm. Africa relived and recalled at a distance as an ancestral base in every melody and in every graceful movement. Forget positions of the body which encourage conventional posture and let yourselves go to the rhythm of the drums which move the soul and can’t help but vibrate your body. Think powerful flexing and pulsing of the torso, pelvic thrusts and shoulder rolls juxtaposed with undulations of the vertebrae and sensual body isolations.
A course which takes you back through time treasuring every experience and every journey which has contributed to the unique style and training of Adriano. This rich portfolio of diverse training
and experience is evident in the course that he now offers – Afro Fusion. He mixes different genres and styles of dance such as contemporary, modern and traditional afro but his roots are always in afro-Brazilian. The aim of his lessons is to share with his students through dance, everything he has learnt throughout the years helping each student to express themselves and open themselves in a context of cultural exchange, fun and positivity.
Each lesson is divided into four sections: warm up, diagonals/development of movements, choreography/creative workshop and stretching. Each year Adriano creates a new programme of ten movements which form the foundations of African dance and which he uses with all of his students. This programme is designed to be suitable for both beginners and advanced dancers and it helps to “polish” the basics and works stamina!


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