Bernadette Russell: Santa’s Sci Fi Salon

Santa’s Sci Fi Salon By darkheartblackink on December 19, 2016 On Friday 2nd December I hosted my last live event for the year-long project Hothouse, which has been looking at ideas of the future of Deptford in various creative and madcap ways. I was quite  extremely  I-might-actually-have-a- heart-attack busy in the lead up, but I was keen to pull together all the wonderful and seemingly disparate worlds I am lucky enough… Read more »

Bernadette Russell: Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat By darkheartblackink on October 31, 2016   To skip straight to the story, please scroll down. (Most of the rest of this post is photos! I hope they speak for themselves….) I’ve had a very busy five weeks, up the creek in Deptford with Creekside Discovery (collecting stories of Victorian Deptford)… …up the river on a boat with the good folk of Meet Me At The Albany (collecting stories of holidays and… Read more »


It’s the end of October, the clocks have gone back and it feels like winter is in the air. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for dry weather for the next two weeks. We are about to head into a week of rehearsals and a week of performances of Give Me Back My Broken Night, and that means a lot of walking outside on the streets of Deptford. This last month has involved a lot of… Read more »

Rice Paper Tales – Goodbye to Summer: Blog by Trikhon Theatre

The year has really sped by and we’re now officially well into autumn. Along with the memories of a very sunny summer, Trikhon Theatre has also a wonderful summer 2016 thanks to Rice Paper Tales. Rice Paper Tales was an interactive children’s show inspired by Tiet Van Nguyen, a Vietnamese story teller of some of the most beautiful, funny and captivating traditional Vietnamese folk tales. With pre-production meetings and writing during springtime, rehearsals through August/September… Read more »

London’s Burning: Blog by Bernadette Russell

2016 is the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, and this gave me the opportunity to work with the wonderful Vanessa Wolf Hoyle (London Dreamtime) and George Hoyle (Cunning Folk) on a storytelling music extravaganza. (Vanessa and George are fabulous storytellers/musicians and they do loads of amazing walks and story/music events all over London so do check them out). Our show “London’s Burning” (presented as part of Read more »



It’s September already, and I’m back in Deptford for a few days with Paul Clarke (one third of Uninvited Guests). We’ve had a really busy couple of days, getting to know better the people and streets of Deptford whilst enjoying (kind of) an Indian Summer. On Monday we took part in Deptford Lounge’s weekly reading aloud group. It’s a small but engaged group who meet every week… Read more »



It’s a Wednesday at the beginning of August, I’m sitting in The Albany Café and the sun is shining. Life carries on even though the world feels very different from the last time I wrote a blog post (June). Brexit has happened. The future looks very different, at least to how I thought it would go. But then that’s life right. We think we are… Read more »

100 Years From Now: Blog by Bernadette Russell

A couple of weeks I met an amazing young woman as part of the Albany’s Summer Arts programme. She tried to explain how even though there is loads of bad stuff in the news and in the world it was alright because we had hope. She told us all the story of Pandora’s Box and I was so glad to be reminded, that after all that bad smoke came out, hope still nestled…. Read more »

Sign of The Times Hothouse Blog

By Hothouse Artist Bernadette Russell

Hello. Since I last posted it feels as though our world has changed. So much has been said and shouted and written about the EU referendum result, so many petitions and marches and resignations and face palming and raging and crying and smashed windows and racism… has been an intense and challenging few weeks.

It feels stupid writing that, and dishonest. Actually,  it felt for a few days  like… Read more »

Uninvited Guests June Hothouse blog

It is hard to believe that it is almost half way through the year and the project.  We have an exciting programme of work in place (well I am bias of course) that will hopefully engage different people within the community and make them re-think what The Lounge can be. But this kind of programme has not existed in the building before and therefore does not yet have an audience. And this is… Read more »