Uninvited Guests June Hothouse blog

It is hard to believe that it is almost half way through the year and the project.  We have an exciting programme of work in place (well I am bias of course) that will hopefully engage different people within the community and make them re-think what The Lounge can be. But this kind of programme has not existed in the building before and therefore does not yet have an audience. And this is one of the challenges of the project; how to develop a dedicated audience within the community who feel invested and have ownership of the space, within the time constraints of the project.

Thankfully quite a few people (even if we did know most of them) did turn up for Sam Steer’s Future Music night last Friday evening. As strange improvised futuristic noises rung out through the front part of the library area, people the other end continued to read their books or look something up on the computer. Occasionally someone would look up when they heard something they liked. Initially I wondered why they didn’t come over and listen properly, but then I thought maybe it’s a good thing that they felt comfortable enough to continue to use the space how they wished to. It became a truly multi-use space. Sam created a lovely atmosphere with a real eclectic mix of high quality music. If you missed it here is a clip of Sam with his new drumbot 500.



Oh and we had the unveiling of our new ‘Hothouse’ last Friday too. Ok, it might just be a bright orange shed, but hopefully it will contain some interesting surprises over the next few months…

Earlier that day I wondered through Deptford Market in the sunshine. I didn’t realise that families have been trading here for over 250 years. Some stalls have stayed within the same family for that long. The market is clearly an important part of the identity of the area, so I wonder how the current changes in Deptford will affect it. Next time I’m up I must go and ask the stall holders how they see the future of the market in 50 or 100 years time…

I would finally like to draw your attention to one of the events Uninvited Guests are doing on Saturday 2nd July at 11am and 12.30pm in the foyer of the library. It’s a kind of coffee morning with a difference. We will read the day’s newspapers together, drink tea and voice stories that matter to us, bringing together our individual hopes and fears for Deptford, this city and this country. And of course we will be on the other side of the referendum by then, so who knows what things will look like and what the headlines will read. We are also collaborating with a band called Oh, The Guilt who will be singing your headlines and rocking out on your behalf. So do come if you can. It’s free.

Think that’s all for now.

Jess (Uninvited Guests)