Rice Paper Tales – Goodbye to Summer: Blog by Trikhon Theatre

The year has really sped by and we’re now officially well into autumn. Along with the memories of a very sunny summer, Trikhon Theatre has also a wonderful summer 2016 thanks to Rice Paper Tales.

Rice Paper Tales was an interactive children’s show inspired by Tiet Van Nguyen, a Vietnamese story teller of some of the most beautiful, funny and captivating traditional Vietnamese folk tales. With pre-production meetings and writing during springtime, rehearsals through August/September and two packed weekends of touring the show, us at Trikhon really feel that alongside working on Hothouse Rice Paper Tales has really been a big part of 2016 for us!

We could never have done it without the kind support of various sponsors, such as Arts Council England and Goldsmiths Confucius Institute, but most importantly Deptford Lounge. Almost exactly two years ago, Trikhon did our first large-scale immersive show in Deptford Lounge, so it was really a joy to be back at Deptford Lounge again with rehearsals and performances. It felt more like a community than a job and we can’t say enough about the willingness of all the staff (from the management, to the library, to the cleaning/logistics teams) to lend a hand and be a part of the process of making the show come to life.

From the very beginning, we had meant for this show to be a gift to the Deptford community, hence why it was a Pay-What-You-Decide show with open plan seating in the lobby area which meant audiences and regular library-goers could all drop in as and when they liked. As Hothouse artists, we’ve always been keen on community integration and highlighting the hidden beauties of Deptford (such as with the audio treasure hunt tour of Deptford’s market stall holders which we did earlier in the year). With Rice Paper Tales, we aimed to increase awareness of local Vietnamese culture and thereby diversity in Deptford’s community spaces.

What we saw over the two days that the show played was a community that honestly had FUN together, regardless of age, ethnicity or social class. I’m sure you can all agree with us when we say: we absolutely love this colourful, vibrant and unique Deptford!